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TOLL FREE 1.877.935.7111

LOCAL 604.935.3444


OPEN: 8am - 10pm

Varies between seasons

Holistic and Signature Treatments in Whistler BC
























Experience an awakening of your senses, outlook and spirit. Our signature treatments investigate the physical and emotional illnesses of the body and promote health.


All our therapists are certified in the profession in which they practice.  British Columbia does not recognize our province or country registrations, therefore treatments cannot be reimbursed through your medical plan. Receipts cannot be issued for medical rebate. Avello is a relaxation Spa.


Chinese Massage

Tui Na uses acupoints to balance energy meridians in the body, this massage promotes relaxation and relieves stiffness, headaches and blocked sinuses.


  • price: $255

  • duration: 80 minute


Hot Rock Massage

An intensely relaxing massage using hot black basalt lava stones. The stones are placed on Chakras, which are energy meridians used as tools to massage the body with oils. 


  • price: $245

  • duration: 80 minutes


Satago Massage

This massage is unique from our other treatments as two therapists massage the client simultaneously. 


  • price: $160

  • duration: 20 minutes



Reiki is a gentle treatment through which energy is exchanged between the therapist and client. The service is used as a tool for healing ailments, and the promotion of well-being.


  • price: $95

  • duration: 20 minutes



An ancient Chinese technique using pressure points on the hands and feet that correlates to specific parts of the body.


  • price: $150

  • duration: 50 minutes


Thai Massage

The Thai massage is a yoga-influenced treatment that combines light stretching and massage. This massage heightens circulation, flexibility, and energy opening the meridians for a deeper relaxation.


  • price: $255/ $375

  • duration: 80/ 110 minutes


Thai Stem Massage

In Thai Herbal Stem Massage, traditional healing herbs and oils are wrapped in unbleached cotton and then tied to a stem. Herbal stems are traditional massage tools that have been used in Thailand since ancient times. They help to help release toxins, relieve muscle tension and joint pain and increase circulation in the body. Thai Herbal Stem Massage combines traditional massage techniques with therapeutic herbs and essential oils bundled up in the stems. The oils and resins are steamed to release their healing properties and are then massaged over the body. The oils are absorbed into the blood stream through the epidermis and they react with the body’s chemistry in a sympathetic and gentle way.


  • price: $255

  • duration: 80 minutes


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