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TOLL FREE 1.877.935.7111

LOCAL 604.935.3444


OPEN: 8am - 10pm

Varies between seasons

Hand and Foot Treatments in Whistler BC

























A true hand and foot care indulgence. Manicures are carried out in a specially designed haven for privacy and comfort. Our pedicure lounge, with its breathtaking mountain view and exclusive Japanese designed, Italian made recliner chairs, is the true epitome of comfort and luxury.


All our therapists are certified in the profession in which they practice.  British Columbia does not recognize our province or country registrations, therefore treatments cannot be reimbursed through your medical plan. Receipts cannot be issued for medical rebate. Avello is a relaxation Spa.


Spa Manicure

A truly lavish manicure. It begins with a filing of the nails, a soothing hand soak, followed by cleansing and hydrating of the cuticles. A relaxing hand and arm massage with our own Avello brand hand lotion leaves hands silky and smooth. The final touch is your choice polish.


  • price: $60

  • duration: 50 minutes


French Manicure

Enjoy our spa manicure with the added indulgence of the traditional French technique.


  • price: $75

  • duration: 50 minutes


Paraffin Manicure

Warm your hands and heart with this manicure created specially for dry, chapped skin. It’s extremely soothing and moisturizing to tired overworked hands. And it’s excellent for softening and grooming the cuticles. Treat your hands to a paraffin treatment combined with our spa manicure for the most luxurious of hand treatments.


  • price: $85

  • duration: 50 minutes


Paraffin Pedicure

 For the ultimate in foot decadance, experience our luxurious paraffin pedicure. Warm your feet and soul as you relax in the comfort of our specially designed pedicure haven. You deserve a little indulgence.


  • price: $135

  • duration: 50 minutes


Thai Stem Pedicure

In Thai Herbal Stem Massage, traditional healing herbs and oils are wrapped in unbleached cotton and then tied to a small stem. Herbal stems are traditional massage tools that have been used in Thailand since ancient times. They help to help release toxins, relieve muscle tension and joint pain and increase circulation in the legs. Thai Herbal Stem Massage combines traditional massage techniques with therapeutic herbs and essential oils bundled up in the stems. The oils and resins are steamed to release their healing properties and are then massaged over the legs. The oils are absorbed into the blood stream through the epidermis and they react with the body’s chemistry in a sympathetic and gentle way.


The cost of the stems is included in the treatment and then the client can take them and encouraged to use them at home. Used stems can be kept in the refrigerator or in a dry place for more effectiveness and extended use.


  • price: $175

  • duration: 50 minutes


Polish Change (Hands or Feet)

In the mood for a new manicure or pedicure colour, or just wanting to refresh your polish, this treatment is a quick solution to keeping fingernails looking brilliant.


  • price: $45

  • duration: 25 minutes


Foot Revitalizer

This treatment involves the feet being washed, scrubbed, massaged and then dipped in warm peach paraffin. This 20-minute foot indulgence takes care of those aching feet, so that they are left feeling fresh and ready for another amazing day on the mountain.


  • price: $85

  • duration: 20 minutes


Petit Head and Neck Massage

Add a relaxing head and neck massage to any pedicure for the ultimate relaxation in our pedicure lounge.


  • price: $100

  • duration: 20 minutes

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