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TOLL FREE 1.877.935.7111

LOCAL 604.935.3444


OPEN: 8am - 10pm

Varies between seasons

Thalassotherapy Wraps in Whistler BC




















A Thalassotherapy treatment begins with a gentle full body exfoliation to prepare the skin to absorb precious nutrients. Afterwards, immerse yourself in one of our Bouvier tubs…and drift away to tranquility and vitality.


All our therapists are certified in the profession in which they practice.  British Columbia does not recognize our province or country registrations, therefore treatments cannot be reimbursed through your medical plan. Receipts cannot be issued for medical rebate. Avello is a relaxation Spa.


Moor Mud Detoxifying Wrap

Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, Moor mud has been used for centuries for its healing abilities. A great way to ease sore joints, flush toxins from your system and revitalize the body.


  • price: $170

  • duration: 50 minutes


Herbal Tension Relieving Wrap

Ease the pain of sore, over-worked muscles and calm the mind. Cocoon the body in warm, herbal-infused sheets wrapped around you to enhance circulation and invigorate the metabolism.


  • price: $170

  • duration: 50 minutes


Algae Immune Boosting Wrap

A great choice during seasonal transitions to infuse the body with nutrients and boost immunity. This seaweed wrap imparts essential vitamins and proteins that nourish and replenish the body, while intensely hydrating and firming the skin.


  • price: $170

  • duration: 50 minutes

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